Woman placing hands on upset stomach

Finding Relief with Functional Medicine

Jennifer dealt with stomach issues following a round of antibiotics, and her ‘regular’ doctors weren’t successful in finding ways to alleviate her symptoms. Luckily, she found functional medicine… and relief.

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"Hormones" spelled out in block letters over white-wash wood background

The Importance of Progesterone

When it comes to women’s hormone health, estrogen often gets the spotlight, but progesterone is important for many reasons, especially when it comes to fertility.

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Three people holding hands centered around the Holy Bible

Healing Prayer Resources

If you are in need of healing prayer, please check out the following resources: Transforming Resources The mission of Transforming Resources is to provide life-changing

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Seven Dwarfs of Menopause: Itchy, Bloated, Sweaty, Forgetful, Crabby, Sleepy, Psycho

Balance Your Hormones Event

Menopause can be a difficult transition for women, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to be proactive as well as manage the many symptoms that can occur during perimenopause and menopause.

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