Emotion Code

Uncover trapped emotions and subconscious barriers to heal and release them.

What Is Emotion Code?

Have you ever been so in love it hurts? Or experienced an upset stomach from stress? Been so happy, you feel like you’re floating?

Our bodies can feel emotions on a very physical level, as emotions affect the energy that radiates throughout our bodies. Sometimes this emotional energy gets trapped in the body and creates longer-term mental and physical issues, from pain and malfunction to anxiety and seclusion.

The Emotion Code, as described by Dr. Bradley Nelson, “is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage.” 

How Does It Work?

Before understanding how Emotion Code works, you need to understand that the body is made up of energy — every cell is made up of energy. 

As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, Michelle uses a four-part method to uncover trapped emotions and subconscious barriers (which are also made up of energy) to heal and release them. In your appointment, she will use muscle testing to hone-in on the trapped emotions, gather information from the body about that trapped emotion (when needed), and work on the body with a small magnetic device until the emotion has been released.

What to Expect

The physical sensation of Emotion Code is generally mild. Michelle will rest her hand on your shoulder for the muscle testing, and the magnet used to release emotions is rolled along your spine very lightly. The emotional sensation of Emotion Code varies. Some people experience intense waves of emotion as they are released while others do not feel anything during their appointment. It is also common to feel more tired than usual the rest of the day, and even for several days after, as the body continues to process releasing emotions.

You may find that after one or several appointments, you begin to experience both expected and unexpected changes. Because resolving the energy in your body impacts it on so many levels, you may experience improvements in mood, sleep, energy, digestion, relationships, and more.

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