Berry recipes for a light Fourth of July


American holidays can ride in on a wave of excitement and leave us with a food hangover.  Berries are traditional for the fourth in their bright red and blue—use them keep your celebrations healthy and light!  Try one of these three easy recipes:

Beverage: Iced Green Tea and Berry Cooler

Skip the sugary soda and lemonade for a refresher that will keep you hydrated you all day.

Appetizer/Snack: Blueberry Cheesecake Bites

It sounds like dessert, but these little bites will beat chips or 'lil smokies any day.

Dessert: Berry Frozen Yogurt

Don't drown your berries in ice cream or bake them in a pie—let them star with frozen yogurt and mint to cool off at the end of your fourth feast!

We share healthy recipes because we believe in fueling the human body for healing and wholeness. If you want to learn more about Valeo, check out the services we offer and call to schedule a visit!