Renewed Hope and Real Healing

Yes, you can feel good in your body again.

Valeo Health and Wellness Center brings hope and healing by listening to and collaboratively caring for the whole person.


– Step One –

Get to Know You

Health history, exam, and a caring conversation


– Step Two –

Steps to Health Freedom

Discuss what we found and how we can help


– Step Three –

Pursue the Plan Together

Our practitioner team works with you to reach your wellness goals

Chiropractor and Functional Medicine in Eden Prairie

People often come to Valeo with two big questions: “Why do I have this?” and “What can I do to get rid of it?” We go beyond the diagnosis to understand why the body is experiencing a specific set of symptoms.

Our chiropractors, functional medicine doctors, massage therapists, and health coach team up to help you find answers, overcome your health challenges, and get back to the things you enjoy.


COVID-19 Resources

Useful information on boosting the immune system, respiratory support, managing stress, home office setup, and more.

Three people holding hands centered around the Holy Bible

Healing Prayer Resources

If you are in need of healing prayer, please check out the following resources: Transforming Resources The mission of Transforming Resources is to provide life-changing

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You Have the Ability to Be Well

We are here to guide you and support you all the way.