As you are well aware, dealing with ADD/ADHD or having a child who is can be very challenging.  I want to commend you for spending the time to look for solutions.  There are many theories and approaches to treatment of ADD/ADHD.  It can be difficult to navigate through it all.

When you or your child are suffering from an inability to focus, have impulsive behavior or find it difficult to interact properly in social functions, it is frustrating.  At Valeo, our goal is to identify the underlying cause.  We utilize functional neurology to identify neuro deficits, areas of the brain that have not fully developed or areas of the brain that not firing properly.

Due to our unique approach we have been able to help people who were not helped by medical approaches, occupational therapy, psychologists etc.  To understand more about how we are able to help you can do one of three things; you can sign up to receive our full length video on how we help, you can come to our workshop on ADD/ADHD or if you are ready to make a change right now you can schedule for a new patient exam.  At the exam we can determine whether we can help or not.

We look forward to seeing you in our office and helping you regain your or your child’s health!

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