I was a smoker for 30 years and hadn’t planned to quit until I developed a serious health condition that scared me enough to quit cold turkey 2 years ago. I didn’t smoke for a year following surgery but the urge/desire to smoke never really left me. Slowly the urge started to take over again and I started and stopped occasional smoking multiple times – I really didn’t want to smoke anymore but the urge was too powerful during very stressful times at work.

When I heard the Stop Smoking BAX program would actually take away the urge to smoke, I had to try it – I really wanted to never smoke again. The program was very easy – take a few supplements for a short period of time and have 3 ten minute treatments in one week. That’s it! I wanted it to work but I was really skeptical.

After the 1st treatment I could tell I didn’t need nicotine anymore. I was relaxed and handled the pressure at work with no urges at all. The need to satisfy the nicotine craving is gone. I can take a deep breath and I am so much more relaxed. I don’t have to fight it off anymore – I literally am free of that addiction thanks to Valeo’s Stop Smoking Program.