How did you discover Valeo Health and Wellness Center?
I first heard about Valeo from Kelly S. and went to Kingdom Kids Nutrition website to research it.

What does Valeo Health and Wellness Center mean to you?
Valeo Health means a place where I am taken seriously, a place where the doctors and staff take the time to research and get to know me and my diagnosis so that they can help me in a way that brings health to my body. I like that Valeo is a place that believes our bodies were created to heal themselves with good healing food and supplements.

Briefly describe your overall experience.
My experience at Valeo has been great. I like that Dr. Rob gets what I've been through and gave me hope that my body could be healed. I am appreciative to all the staff Dr. Aaron, and Kris and all the other staff who are so helpful and attentive.

Valeo has helped me to regain.
To reduce the inflammation in my body so that my joints don't hurt and help heal my leaky gut. Also introducing me to a new way of eating good food that will help me maintain my healing.

Describe your experience with your practitioner
I enjoy working with Dr. Rob and appreciate that he always prays before starting our session asking for God's guidance.

Which areas of care do you primarily come in for?
I've been working with Dr. Rob for metabolic care.

What were your symptoms before care?
Outbreaks of psoriasis and sore joints.

What relief have you experienced?
Psoriasis is much better and no more joint pain.

How has your life changed compared to pre-care at Valeo?
More comfortable and new outlook on life as to following the healing diet as more of a lifestyle.

What can you do now that you weren’t able to do before your care?
I can still do everything, just now I can do it without pain. Opening jars was difficult sometimes.
Sandy D.

October, 2015