I want to thank Dr. Rob and everyone at Valeo for proving out what I’d only hoped earlier this year. I’ve suffered from digestive issues, acid reflux and related symptoms for years. The medical community was caring, but there was no solution ever offered that put me in the direction of health or even relief to any of my symptoms. I was a permanent daily user of essential over the counter remedies to mitigate the effects of acid reflux. Dr. Rob did extensive testing and outlined a program that he was confident would remedy all of my chronic and health robbing conditions. He said, “follow the program, and given my case, in 3-6 months I would enjoy a new me.” He was exactly right! I have full relief of all of my chronic complaints, including I no longer have any acid re-flux symptoms, nor any of the digestive system issues or related side effects.

I so enjoy being healthy, I can’t express my gratitude properly, but extend to Dr. Rob and the entire team at Valeo a heartfelt “Thank You!”

Rob P.
Eden Prairie