In September, 2013 my 4 year old son, Sammy, was struggling with extreme fatigue (he would need to lay down in the cart after we had walked one isle at Target), extreme weight gain (he had gained an extreme amount of weight in a short period and was 23 pounds over-weight), he was struggling with balance and coordination (he has struggled with low tone, balance issues and both fine and gross motor delays since he was a baby), he was vomiting daily, and had lost pigment all over his body. After going to several doctors, only to be told that the symptoms that our little guy was experiencing were “completely normal”, we were referred to Dr. Rob at Valeo Health and Wellness. Dr. Rob recommended comprehensive metabolic and neurologic care, as well as an anti-inflammatory diet. In October, 2013 we started working with Dr Rob to provide the metabolic and neurologic care and with Kelly Schulte, at Kingdom Kids Nutrition, to implement family health coaching and an anti-inflammatory diet. Immediately, we saw results!

Today, six short months later, Sammy is a completely different kid! His energy is back (several weeks ago we hiked over a mile up and down the river bluffs), he no longer vomits, has no more tummy aches (we never even knew he was having stomach aches, because they were such a normal part of his life that he didn’t even mention them until now), has lost almost 15 pounds, and his balance and motor skills have improved tremendously (he loves to make Legos creations and jump on the trampoline). Recently, he passed his special education screening, which he failed several months ago! To top things off, his countenance is so different that other people are making comments!

The best part is that Sammy has been a role model for healthy living within our family. I was also dealing with extreme fatigue, extreme anxiety and depression, and diabetes. Since October I have my energy back, my anxiety is gone, and I have completely gone off of my diabetic medication. My blood sugars are in line for the first time in years! My oldest, Caleb, has decided that he feels much better when he follows “our” diet. As a result, he has stopped taking his allergy medicine and has been an influence in his class for eating “healthy salads” for lunch. It is amazing what diet and healthy living can do for one’s body. Thank you Dr. Rob and Kelli for your eternal investment into our family!


Michelle B.