At my annual physical my blood work showed a possible thyroid issue so my doctor told me to come back in 6 months to have it rechecked. Waiting around for 6 months seemed pointless to me, so I went to Valeo for advice. I was having consistent symptoms anyway that I had shared with my general doctor at the time and they’d been waved off as casual concerns. So I shared these same 5 health symptoms with Dr Rob at Valeo- low grade anxiety, stomach bloating/gas, aching joints, slow bowels, and sleeping issues. Dr.Rob listened carefully and strongly recommended a temporary gut-repair diet. I began to research his plan and the eating routines that would be necessary if I was to follow “doctors’ orders”. After three- six days on the plan my aching joints didn’t ache, my bowels were moving better and I’d lost 2 pounds. In the next two weeks my anxiety was lessening and I had more emotional strength. After four-five weeks all my symptoms were gone and I had lost 12 pounds to boot. I wasn’t trying to lose weight- this was a surprise bonus I was not expecting. I’m excited to share the fact that with Dr Rob’s close supervision and answering all my many, many questions I have come full circle with my health concerns. I’ve learned how to eat better and have found some excellent replacement foods that will keep me continuing to feel healthy for the rest of my life.