For more than a decade I’ve found myself living with weekly pains and irritations of muscle and back aches. Like typical bodily symptoms, they would sometimes be better and other times worse… One thing consistent however was that they were a regular occurrence.

After two or three close friends mentioned their love of chiropractic care and how much of a difference they noticed in their health, I decided I would go to a free consultation to see what they say.

Within the first few minutes of Dr. Morland’s talk on “Why Chiropractic,” I was a believer. The simple explanation of current medical practices and the field of chiropractic seemed like common sense to me. I was anxious to see what would happen to my body receiving regular adjustments and I knew something was about to change in my health – even before having anything done.

Having now attended Valeo for 2 months, I can testify that it has been more than worth it! The staff, the facility and most of all, the results of the adjustments have been life changing. My aches and pains are 85% gone and I haven’t had to take any Ibuprofen! In addition, I’ve found myself becoming much more aware of health and what our family is doing with food and exercise. I intend to get them into Valeo as well!

My body has quickly accepted the adjustments and the additional results have been more energy, deep sleep for the first time in years, and an awareness and understanding of health and the body that no one every taught me in school. I intend to pursue more on the nutritional path too in addition to just chiropractic care.

The Lord has clearly used Chiropractic care in my life on multiple levels and I will continue to be a regular visitor, while urging others to stop in and inquire about their services