Remember how you adjusted my jaw? I have something exciting to tell you, but it’s kind of long and random, but I am SO happy and I can’t wait two weeks to share!

My mouth has never opened very wide since high school. True story: once, at band camp, I played my trumpet all day and had a Charleston Chew candy bar for a snack, and it got stuck closed. I later got it to open, but since then, it never opened wide. A few years ago, my teeth were being affected by the clenching so I went to a very expensive group of TMJ specialists in St. Paul and dentists who had all kinds of tactics and therapy to help with the range of motion and clenching, but it was costly and time consuming & I didn’t see much improvement, so I didn’t continue past the first month of visits. I just figured that was my normal and I’d need to deal with it and hope for the best.

But no joke, after you adjusted my jaw today, I thought, hmm…I feel like I can open my mouth wider. So I tried. And I could! I know because I used to only be able to open my mouth two fingers tall and now I can open it ALMOST all four fingers tall. It seriously feels like someone put WD-40 on my jawbone.

But here’s why this is SO about God…I am a singer, I sing for the church’s worship team. Every time I sing, the combination of practice plus the service makes my jaw hurt. Not horribly, but annoyingly. Again, I’d just accepted it as normal. But we are doing something special right now, and we have this man from South Africa teaching our worship team how to sing gospel. I guess gospel singers have to be really loud. Wednesday night was a two hour practice, and I was singing as loud as I could, but the man indicated that I wasn’t singing loudly enough. I knew that it was because I couldn’t open my mouth very far and that there was nothing I could really do. I was super discouraged and my jaw hurt so bad, and I remember thinking, “I sure wish my jaw wasn’t so weird, God.” And He heard me and had you fix it!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check it today! I’m just totally excited about this, it’s going to make a huge difference for how God is choosing to use me in ministry right now. I’m so thankful that I finally mentioned it, I wish I would’ve told you or Dr. Rob about it months ago, but I do trust God’s timing on it.

Hope you have a good week! Thanks so much again!