January 1, 2016
This is my testimony regarding the healing of my colon and my over all well-being:

It was March of 2015 when I was discussing my bleeding colon issues with a woman at church.  She told me about her physical complications she had overcome with the help of Valeo Health and Wellness Center. She encouraged me to see Doctor Rob for a consultation regarding my colon. I had been trying to heal my colon for over ten years by taking pharmaceutical drugs, Chinese Herbs and acupuncture. These forms of healing only worked for short periods of time to stop the bleeding.

This time, I was trying to avoid prescription drugs so I was searching for my last resort of healing. Valeo Health and Wellness Center stayed in my thoughts and I decided to make an appointment in April with Doctor Rob. After meeting with him, he explained a very unique Neurometabolic Therapy approach that he would use to help him determine the cause of my bleeding issues. I was anxious yet excited to get the process going to help bring me back to wellness. Following his testing and a blood lab, he discussed his findings with me. Doctor Rob was able to recognize blood readings that no other doctors had acknowledged in previous blood labs.  After discussing all the findings, the therapy seemed like it was certainly worth trying before taking drugs again. I started taking a series of vials from May through mid-September.  The bleeding had stopped and I was beginning have a more positive attitude and my energy was increasing daily. I was thrilled and praised God, Doctor Rob and Valeo Health and Wellness Center.

For the first time in years, I am feeling well mentally, spiritually and physically. I will continue seeing Doctor Rob for my continued health and wellness.
Jan D.