Around March, 2010, I came to Valeo because I was suffering from GERDS symptoms and had constant pain in the upper part of my abdomen. These were my major concerns at the time. I knew I had other problems, but didn’t feel they were of importance. My symptoms became obvious around 2007, though I believe I had symptoms for several years before I recognized them. By 2010, I knew I needed to do something about my symptoms.

Before finding Valeo, I mentioned my GERDS symptoms to my primary doctor and was told to take Prilosec. I went to the drug store and saw that the Prilosec label warned that people with heart problems, etc., should not take the drug. At the time, I did not know if I had heart problems (which I didn’t), but the thought of taking a drug with all its contraindications bothered me, and I decided against taking it. Instead, I gradually eliminated problem foods from my diet. I reached a point where I was eating such little food that I knew I needed someone to help me. I remembered a pamphlet I had from Lakewinds Store that had Christine Stueve’s name on it and found her at Valeo. I saw her for about 1 ½ years. When she left in August, 2011, I switched to Dr. Rob.

At the time I began seeing Christine Stueve, I was unable to eat much and always felt full and bloated. My body seemed stressed, and I felt fatigued and uncomfortable. Christine suggested herb supplements and a simple diet. After 1 ½ years, my symptoms were definitely improved, but not resolved. Christine left and I began to see Dr. Rob. At that time, my symptoms were hardly noticeable, but still there. I wondered if they would ever go away. Dr. Rob reviewed my health history and noticed I had my gall bladder removed many years ago. He modified my supplements to help my digestive system, and I slowly began to get better.

In February, 2012, Dr. Rob offered a chiropractic exam. His exam revealed that I needed oxygen treatment. I knew for years I had trouble breathing – inhaling especially, since the 1990s. I had never told Dr. Rob I had trouble inhaling. Now, after having oxygen treatment for 8 months, I hardly have trouble inhaling. Additionally, I discovered that my ears do not pop anymore while in a vehicle going down steep hills or up steep hills at speed limit. My ears had been popping since the mid 1960s. I discovered this summer, when I swam in a pool for a weekend, that I never had any trouble with my breathing. For many years when swimming, I had difficulty catching my breath and trying to inhale. That did not happen this summer. I also walked/jogged a few 5K’s a few years ago but could not even begin the walks until I had spent time inhaling and catching my breath. I was always the last person to reach the finish line. I have not attempted a 5K for several years, but I believe now that I would be able to walk/jog it without much trouble. I also believe the oxygen treatment has improved my digestive system along with the herb supplements I’m still taking. I do not feel much pain anymore in the upper part of my stomach. My GERDS symptoms are almost totally gone.

In addition to the above issues, I learned that I have gluten intolerance. When I avoid gluten foods and white sugar/white flour foods, I feel much better and have much more energy than I have had for years. I have learned that exercise is also important for me to keep my breathing and energy up to par.

I would refer others to Valeo, because:

  • Valeo is a group of Christian people who love the Lord and want to help others with the knowledge they have of a person’s body and how to help a person get their health back – physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Valeo believes in eating healthy foods and getting back to the basic foods that God intended for us to have to keep our bodies healthy.
  • Valeo prefers using herbal supplements to help heal a person rather than using drugs/prescriptions.

Thank you, Valeo, for restoring my health.