As a 63 year old homemaker, I eagerly awaited the retirement of my husband! I dreamed of many fun things to do with “my best friend” with no time constraints of a usual work week. But, then stress entered my life in a big way. My mother started an eight month decline that would end in death for her, and I began an energy decline that I couldn’t understand. I would eat as I always did but most afternoons you could find me on the sofa, weak and listless, trying to get my energy back. I was also about 25 pounds overweight and so started worrying about heart and cholesterol problems, my existing Crohn’s Disease, and other things. I was having hot flashes , sugar lows…a lot of mysterious things. My dreams were being shattered more and more, day by day.

Prayers led me to Dr. Rob Lindsey. I had done prior work with this office but I returned because I was getting pretty desperate! That was the best decision I could have made!

Dr. Rob started me on many different tests, blood work, etc. After a while a picture emerged of Food Sensitivities, Adrenal problems, Thyroid problems…several dysfunctional things. Dr. Rob started me on the Repairvite regimen, followed by the Clearvite program and many different supplements. I was told to eat only super healthy foods, prepared in a certain way. It was time consuming and a bit expensive but… WAS IT WORTH IT? TOTALLY YES!!! I got better and continued daily to get better! I have made most of this regimen a way of life now because I always feel 100%. It took some time to do this but I shudder when I think of what I would feel like if I had given up or never started! I am enjoying life and our potential retirement dreams once again! (Hubbie is not retired yet…!) I am very active, adding volunteer activities, helping to homeschool one of our grandsons, having some fun vacations, reading books, etc. I don’t get tired until bedtime now and I am loving my life and am SOOOOOO grateful to God for all these wonderful blessings. Dr. Rob and I decided to keep working with some new therapies he has learned to help rid my body of any existing inflammation, some brain and nerve dysfunction and my extra pounds. But this is no problem for me. I am actually excited and so confident now. How can one walk away from success? I know Dr. Rob will have wonderful results!