When I first came to Valeo, I had all but given up on regaining my vitality. At 45, I had already struggled with numerous health issues including cancer. It had been 3 years since my last cancer treatment, and although I was so grateful to be in remission, I was still dealing with old health issues, as well as new ones, brought on by the chemotherapy.

I heard about Valeo from a friend who had been very satisfied with the results of his treatment. He also mentioned that the doctors at Valeo prayed for you. At that point, the comfort of someone praying over my health was all I could hope for. Little did I know that it would be the beginning of a healing journey that would actually make a difference!

For years, I had been diligently trying to fix my health, without addressing the mental and emotional parts of me that were keeping me from getting better. Through working with almost everyone on staff, I have begun to see the life that God intended for me to have! It has taken faith, patience, trust, time, effort, courage, desire, resources, and a renewed HOPE to make it happen, but it has been worth it! My whole family now goes to Valeo, so they too can live healthier. Thank you to everyone at Valeo for being a part of my family’s health journey!