Hi Dr. Rob,
Just a quick note to let you know I listened to your heart disease talk and it was great! Hopefully you will continue to tape your talks and put them on youtube. I so much appreciate your views and insight.

Thanks to your suggestions and protocols, for the most part I am feeling so much better. I have basically been gluten free since January. My blood sugar seems to be stabilized due to eating protein every few hours. I have been taking capsules of Young Living Thieves oil (about 8 drops a day) which I believe it clearing up any yeast type bacteria in my body. At my last appointment you found I had some low lying bacterial infection going on and from the research I have done, it looks like undetected yeast can manifest itself in many different ways in the body. I feel like these are the 3 big things I have done that have really helped me. My athletes foot (thick toe nails) is almost completely cleared up and I have had that going on for years. Around my cycle I do continue to have some mental anguish, which makes me believe my hormones are still a little off. With all of this being said, I am SO much better than I have been in years. My next goal is to work on cutting out sugar, which seems like a huge uphill battle.

Thanks again for all of your great information and for going against the health care flow! I am so passionate about alternative health care and support you fully.

If you think it is beneficial, I may stop in sometime for an adjustment. I really have never understood when a person needs adjusted, but I know it always seems to feel good. I am just always wanting to practice preventive medicine, but don’t always know what to do.

Be Well!