I am a 24 yr old female and a couple of months ago I started having unbelievable low back pain. Things like bending over, getting in and out of my car and sitting were almost impossible for me to do. Friends were telling me I probably just “threw my back out” doing yoga and to take an Advil so it would feel better.

Instead of covering up the pain with a drug I decided to see if Valeo could help me find out what was causing it. My spine checked out fine so Dr Rob asked me if anything had happened about the time I started having such bad back pain. I had a rough encounter with my boss that really shook me up and then the pain hit shortly after – I hadn’t really made that connection but that is what Dr Rob is finding with a lot of people.

Emotions are responsible for lots of aches and pains, allergies, and illnesses of all kinds. He helped me realize I was believing a lie and also had fear and rejection affecting me. We worked through those in less than a half hour and he said that’s all I was calling for – no chiropractic adjustment needed. I went on my way and within a couple of hours I could bend over and do all the things a healthy 24 yr old should be able to do!

It was amazing to me how my thinking and emotions could impact my body like that. I hope others can realize this and get help from pain that is emotion-induced.

Thank you Dr Rob!