Weight Loss

Weight Loss – A NeuroMetabolic Approach

The inability to lose weight is one of the most frustrating experiences.  From making drastic changes to our diets, to exercising for hours, it is very frustrating when the weight does not come off or if it does, we regain it.  While lack of diet, exercise and will power may be the problem for some people for many people there could be an underlying condition that is preventing you from losing weight!  Knowing this can be life changing.  Many people struggling with weight loss are told they have a self control problem or they live with guilt and shame everyday as to why they can’t lose weight.

For example, having a low functioning thyroid could be causing a difficulty in losing weight.  If the thyroid condition is not addressed then, it will be very frustrating trying to lose weight.    This is just one reason out of many why a person could be struggling with weight lose.  You can see how for many losing weight is not as simple as just changing your diet and exercising.

How then does a person know what they can do to lose weight and get healthier?  The best thing to do is see a health practitioner that looks for the cause.  At Valeo Health and Wellness Center, by performing a thorough evaluation we are able to determine if there is something else underlying.  If there is a deeper problem, we show you how you can overcome it.

I am assuming that you are reading this because you are struggling with losing weight.  The great thing though is that you must still have hope in losing the weight or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Call our office today and you can set up an initial evaluation to determine if we can help you.

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