Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid Conditions – A NeuroMetabolic Approach

When I first learned about thyroid conditions, I learned this is the only gland that influences every cell in your body. Every cell has a thyroid receptor, and I can remember thinking “Wow! That is why there are so many symptoms associate with thyroid conditions!   This was the moment I began realizing the bigger picture. If you can find what caused the thyroid to become dysfunctional and resolve it, then you have the ability to be well! Put another way, regardless of what you have tried or been told before; there is hope for your thyroid condition!

People often believe that they have a thyroid condition only to be told their labs are normal and they can’t find a cause for their sickness. You should never be left without an answer or left to find one yourself. The few individuals that have labs that come back with a detectable thyroid issue are usually put on medication for the duration of their life. We know that neither of these situations are desirable and want to come alongside you to work as a team to help solve your thyroid condition.

In the vast majority of cases, roughly 90%, a hypothyroid (low functioning thyroid) condition is the result of the body attacking itself (autoimmune condition). This means that your thyroid is the victim, not the cause of your problems. Treating the thyroid at best will result in only temporary relief. You must treat the immune system and find out what caused it to do what it was not designed to do.

By doing this, we can feel confident in saying that everyone has the ability to be well! If you truly want to get lasting relief, then our NeuroMetabolic approach will set you free! For more information call our office to set up and appointment.

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