Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy – A NeuroMetabolic Approach

When people hear the words “peripheral neuropathy,” most have no idea what this means.
Simply put a peripheral neuropathy is anything that involves a nerve outside of the spine or brain.  It can range from pain to numbness and anything in between. I recall a patient who came in with shooting jaw pain who thought this would be lifelong.  If you have ever had jaw pain, you know how unbearable it can be. Now imagine this for years.  For this patient, an in depth exam revealed what others had missed, a misaligned jaw, tightness under the jaw and of the jaw muscles inside the mouth, as well as faulty firing of the nerve.  What this meant was that one type of treatment would never work.  You had to address each component.

Unfortunately, a one size fits all treatment is often performed on these nerve conditions and it is no wonder many end in failure and the patient is left desperate for relief.  The truth is many professionals aren’t truly aware of all that is involved in a peripheral neuropathy.  This is what drives the belief that surgery and drugs are two of the best solutions for these conditions.  In many cases, the surgery doesn’t work and the medications only provide relief, not a solution.  However, this isn’t the only solution for this condition.  Many of you out there are desperate for relief and will do anything for it.

By staying true to what we believe, that there is a cause to everything and the belief that everyone can improve, we work hard to figure out what has caused your condition. With our NeuroMetabolic care, we can help you get that lasting relief that will set you free!  For more information call our office to set up an appointment, 952-431-5330.

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