Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune Condition – A NeuroMetabolic Approach

Being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition can be devastating and for many very frustrating. Devastating because your own body is attacking itself and frustrating because many people are told there is nothing you can do about it other than take a pill. For some people the treatment does help them feel better but for many the treatment either brings short term relief or no relief at all. Plus now a person has to deal with the side effects of the medications being used to treat your symptoms. But what else can you do? Is there a different approach?

There is and it is very effective at eliminating your problem. To gain proper insight first you need to know what an autoimmune condition is and what it is not. An autoimmune condition is simply any condition where your immune system is attacking a tissue, organ, muscle or joint in your body. That’s it.   The diagnosis does not tell you why your body is attacking itself just that it is and the unfortunately the vast majority of treatments out there just manage your symptoms or they suppress your immune system.

Getting rid of your symptoms can trick you into thinking that everything is better but your body continues to destroy itself. Because the underlying cause is not addressed the problem is still there and your symptoms continue to ebb and flow. You are now on the roller coaster of feeling worse, going in and getting your meds adjusted, and then feeling better until the next flare up.

Suppressing your immune system is an even greater issue. In order for your body to stave off disease the immune system needs to be functioning at a high level. Suppressing your immune system may alleviate some symptoms but at the same time it opens the door for more problems later down the road. A weak immune system means you will be more prone to infections and even certain cancers. Just listen to the drug ads and you will hear all the side effects. You really are trading one condition for a different one many times.

The key to addressing an autoimmune condition then is not just diagnosing it but finding out what is causing it. Is that possible, you may ask? The great news is that it is! There are many causes that can drive autoimmune conditions; things such as gut permeability, infections, food sensitivities as well as others. The most important choice you can make then is to find a doctor who can identify the cause of your autoimmune conditions. Once identified, then true healing can begin.

The approach that we take at Valeo Health and Wellness Center works to identify the cause of your autoimmune condition. Once we have identified it our approach will help you to eliminate your body’s attack on itself once and for all.

The first step in getting better then is to call us and schedule an initial evaluation. During the first visit we can determine whether we can take your case and finally help you get your life back! The end result can be miraculous and it will be nothing short of life changing.

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