Valeo-ServicesNeurometabolic Treatment

Neurometabolic therapy utilizes functional medicine and neurology to assess how well the body is functioning. If the body is not functioning at its optimal level, a neurometabolic approach determines where the root cause of the problem is and addresses it at that level. This helps a person get rid of their symptoms, but more importantly, it begins to heal the core problem once and for all.  READ MORE

 Chiropractic Treatment

Any interference with the nervous system will affect the body’s ability to perform at its’ optimal level.  Interferences can be caused by physical stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress and prevent the body from healing itself.  At Valeo Health and Wellness Center we address all three stressors; physical, chemical and emotional and we utilize multidisciplinary techniques and methods in order to help each individual.  READ MORE


There are many benefits of massage:  relieves muscle tension, relaxation therapy, injury prevention and recovery, removes toxic chemicals from the body, increases circulation, reduces stress and creates an enhanced sense of wellbeing.  Additionally, massage is often paired with chiropractic treatments to help prepare your muscles and spine for adjustment.  Our massage therapists are trained in many different massage techniques so they are able to help clients meet their needs.  READ MORE

What We Treat

Our unique team approach consists of doctors and therapists trained in the latest techniques of neurology, endocrinology, digestion, and tissue healing. Our multidisciplinary approach is tailored for your specific need.  READ MORE