Mission & Vision


Working as a unified, God-Centered and Patient-Focused team of healthcare practitioners!


To Be the Preferred Choice in Natural Healthcare!


  1. God Centered:  Maintaining that Valeo Health and Wellness is God’s and the people we see are here because of God.  That our love for God should shine here.
  2. Patient Focused:  The patient is the entire reason we exist.  To help them regain their health and stay healthy
  3. Wellness Focused:  In line with our vision that everyone can be well.  Experience mental, spiritual and physical vitality daily to unleash your God given potential to function at your maximum ability.
  4. Unified as a Team:  Helping our team realize that just as Christ said we are all part of one body, we also are all important in this office from the person who delivers care to the person who cleans the office.
  5. Superior Service:  Committed to providing excellent service and compassionate care
  6. Innovation:  Capable of extraordinary creativity and willing to explore new approaches to improving quality of life for all persons.
  7. Stewardship:  Knowing that a steward is not the owner but a caretaker for the master.  Valeo Health and Wellness is not ours but God’s created for His people.
  8. Integrity: Maintaining the highest standard of behavior.  Encompasses honesty, ethics and doing the right things for the right reasons.