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Valeo Health and Wellness is a God-centered, patient-focused team that provides hope, healing and freedom through restored health and well being.

Our unique team consists of doctors and therapists trained in the latest techniques of neurology, endocrinology, digestion, and tissue healing.  Our integrated approach examines the body as a whole rather than focusing on just the painful area.  This results in our ability to treat the root cause of your problem rather than only focusing on the symptom.  We then develop the best overall care plan to help you achieve freedom through restored health and well being.

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Our services

Often, external or internal stimuli including allergies, stress, emotions, nutritional or chemical imbalances, or others, can interfere with the brain’s ability to function properly. Without proper brain function, the body can produce a variety of symptoms or chronic conditions. Through neurometabolic treatment, we move beyond treating symptoms to identifying and treating their sources, in order to restore a healthier more vibrant lifestyle!

Your spine is made up of 33 vertebrae and houses your spinal cord, which runs down the length of your back and sends and receives information from your body's systems. When vertebrae are out of alignment, the nerves that branch off from the spinal cord can become adversely affected, resulting in less than optimal functioning of your body systems. Chiropractic adjustments help to keep your spinal column aligned and promote optimal health.

Muscle tension can be caused by a number of external and internal stressors and can adversely affect blood flow, respiration, energy levels or other body functions. Often massage is paired with chiropractic treatments to help prepare your muscles and spine for adjustment. However, massage itself relives muscle tension, removes toxic chemicals from the body, and provides improved circulation, stress reduction and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.


  • Sandy D.

    How did you discover Valeo Health and Wellness Center? I first heard about Valeo from Kelly S. and went to Kingdom Kids Nutrition website to research it. What does Valeo Health and Wellness Center mean to you? Valeo Health means a place where I am taken seriously, a place where the doctors and staff take…

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  • Cindy P.

    I found them at a health & wellness expo when God gave me a signal that I needed their help. I knew I wasn't well but didn't know what was wrong. The health assessment with Dr. Rob and subsequent work revealed that I had a dental infection and mercury poisoning, which caused my brain and…

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  • Rob P.

    I want to thank Dr. Rob and everyone at Valeo for proving out what I’d only hoped earlier this year. I’ve suffered from digestive issues, acid reflux and related symptoms for years. The medical community was caring, but there was no solution ever offered that put me in the direction of health or even relief…

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  • Jeanne B.

    Hello Dr Rob! I saw my Endocrinologist last week and received some good news! He said that all of my thyroid levels were in a normal range! He looked rather puzzled at the numbers. He asked me again, “Now, what meds are you taking”? When I told him, “none”, he was perplexed! I told him…

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  • Bob T.

    I struggled with Hiatal Hernia/Barrett’s Esophagus for 30 years! Tried antacids and had internal bleeding. Doctor Rob used chiropractic techniques to help me completely resolve this issue. I am very comfortable and don’t even think about it any more.

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